About US

US Sleep Diagnostics was founded with one mission – to provide sleep health solutions to patients and physicians with innovative and economical approaches in today’s ever changing health care environment.

To ensure that we realize our mission, we have partnered with AgileDx and use Philips Respironics devices which meet the guidelines of the AASM to provide state-of-the-art solutions, and have hired leading sleep disorder personnel.

US Sleep Diagnostics provides innovative and economical sleep solutions for patients and medical professionals using a portable, in home solution. Data and information from the in home solution is transferred safely and efficiently using AgileDx diagnostic reporting tool. Using this niche model and our expertise makes it easier on physicians to diagnose sleep disorders, and patients who do not have access to a sleep lab to be diagnosed. Physicians can control how and when their patients are treated as well as developing a new revenue stream in today’s ever changing healthcare environment.

We partnered with AgileDx to ensure that efficient patient data management and security is maintained during data transfer. The diagnostic data from your office is transferred using AgileDx web-based software to our expert provider team. At all times, your data remains in compliance with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and Federal IDTF standards of practice.

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