Direct to Patient

The process for the Direct to Patient solution takes on average between two to five days from your referral to data analysis. To refer patients click on the Rx link online and fill out a simple form. Once completed fax it to US Sleep Diagnostics at 800-260-7001. Once the referral is received the process is as follows:

·     We attempt to contact your patient within 24 hours of receiving the referral (weekends are excluded) to schedule the delivery of Alice PDx home sleep study device.

·     Once contacted, we deliver the device to your patient either through direct representative or USPS, UPS or FEDEX.

·     If USPS, UPS or FEDEX is used, we will follow up with your patient to confirm delivery of the device.

·     Patient will do study for two nights.

·     Device is picked up by the representative or delivered back to us using a prepaid shipper.

·     Once we receive the device, we upload, score and prep your patient’s sleep record before forwarding to a board certified sleep physician for a personal interpretation.

·     The diagnostic report and interpretation will be posted to the physician’s secure AgileDx dashboard as well as fax a copy of the results to the physician’s office.

·     All direct to patient diagnostic data and results will be reviewed by an AASM board certified sleep physician. Our board certified sleep physician will make a recommendation on treatment and fax a corresponding report to the physician’s office.

·     US Sleep Diagnostics will global bill your patient’s insurance company for the two night study.

Forms for Providers

Rx -Home Sleep Test Order Form
PDx Brochure
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