Alice PDx Diagnostic System

From Philips Respironics comes the “gold standard” in portable sleep testing - 

The award-winning Alice PDx Diagnostic System. It is the only portable diagnostic device fully compliant with CMS and American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommendations for portable monitoring with two RIP technology channels. It measures:


·Heart Rate

·Air Flow




More importantly, the PDx is user friendly. The device interface is distinct in that there are color coded labels located around the perimeter of the device which correspond to the various sensor leads. Only the sensors that need to be connected are shown on the display making it simple for the patient. The sensor information and indicators help the patient place the sensors properly and reduce the need for retesting.

It is a compact device that can accommodate side sleepers. The wires have been designed to minimize excess length making it easier for the patient to manage the wires.

Quick Overview

Who is a candidate for Home Sleep Testing (HST)?

HST is recommended for patients with clinical symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. Patients with diabetes, hypertension and symptoms of insomnia are candidates as well.

What screeners are used?

Either the Epworth Sleepiness Scale or Berlin Questionaire can be utilized in your office.

Why do a multi-night study?

The reason for the multi-night study is that we are not only eliminating a “first night effect”, but also providing a greater sampling of scientific data for review.

Why not include a third night?

For clinical treatment reasons, we usually will not do a third night. We may find it necessary after reviewing data that the patient needs to go to a lab to have a follow up study, such as PSG or Titration Study, done. Most insurance allows for three patient studies.

Does insurance pay for the test?

Many insurance carriers are starting to provide coverage for the home test because of the cost savings over the in-lab test.

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