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US Sleep Diagnostics provides innovative and economical sleep solutions for your patients and medical professionals using a portable, in home solution. Data and information from the in home solution is transferred safely and efficiently using AgileDx diagnostic reporting tool. Using this niche model and our expertise makes it easier on physicians to diagnose sleep disorders, and patients who do not have access to a sleep lab to be diagnosed. This allows you to give your physicians the ability to control how and when their patients are treated as well as a new revenue stream in today’s ever changing healthcare environment.

We partnered with AgileDx to ensure that efficient patient data management and security is maintained during data transfer. The diagnostic data from the patient your referring medical practice is transferred using AgileDx web-based software to our expert provider team. At all times, you can be confident that the data from your medical practice remains in compliance with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and Federal IDTF standards of practice.

Two Options from US Sleep Diagnostics

These two great solutions adhere to the strict standards of AASM for use by your medical practitioners to diagnosis sleep disorders. The Direct to Patient keeps disruption to the practice’s workflow to a minimum. While the Professional Services gives you and the physician access to view raw patient data as it is being processed by US Sleep Diagnostics’ highly trained and certified sleep techs.

US Sleep handles everything for the medical practice in the Direct to Patient solution. By clicking on the link, Rx click here, the physician refers the patient to us. US Sleep will provide the Alice PDx directly the patient either through direct representatives or through USPS, UPS or FEDEX. Once the study is completed, the patient then returns the device back to the representatives or sends it to us in a pre-paid shipper.

With Professional Services, US Sleep provides an ancillary opportunity that allows you to promote a best practices solution to medical practices with the fastest diagnostic results possible. Utilizing the AgileDx sleep tool, we provide a DME link to you in order for you to help manage the medical providers in the treatment of their diagnosed OSA patients.

Your reputation is crucial in this competitive DME world, and with portable diagnostics, trusted results are a crucial component to your reputation.  You can feel confident in promoting our devices and services to your medical practices. Not only because our device of choice has "brand recognition" with the known market leader, Philips Respironics, in both the diagnostics and in the treatment for OSA, but most importantly, the Philips PDx device meets the strict standards of the AASM.  

You no longer have to worry about compromising your reputation or that of your referring physicians.

Contact US Sleep at 866-304-5630 to become part of the team.

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