Professional Services

Professional Services from US Sleep Diagnostics rely on its experienced staff of sleep technicians, IT support, and low cost supplies to ensure that its diagnostic sleep solutions provide timely information for physicians. Utilizing the AgileDx sleep tool, US Sleep enables physicians nationwide to view raw patient data as it is being processed with minimal disruption to their practice and workflow.

Our U.S.A.-based certified RPSGT technicians create final reports for physicians that are ready to be interpreted. Reports are automatically sent out to physicians in less than 48 hours. We also provide a pool of board certified sleep physicians or physicians may choose their own to review patient‘s results.

Under the Professional Service model, US Sleep Diagnostics is a subcontractor to the medical facility and does not bill the patients' Insurance companies or Medicare. Full reimbursement is paid directly to the medical facility.  US Sleep will bill the medical facility directly.

US Sleep Diagnostics offer many financial packages for the Alice PDx by Philips Respironics.  There are many financial options for acquiring the equipment, however, there is no upfront investment required to start offering this service to patients.

Forms for Providers

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